One of our main goals is to provide a set of management options that best fits the individual needs of our clients. When presenting these options to our clients we try to combine environmentally conscious practice with practical economic return. Managing forests for the future has been an element of our management style since the conception of our business over 40 years ago.

Our Staff of Professionals 

We have nine registered professional foresters, a soils specialist, a range land manager, two certified arborists, as well as a development specialist on staff. With this staffing and our mapping and GIS expertise, we have the ability to put together a wide range of management options to meet our clients' goals.

  • Jim Able, RPF
  • Dan Cohoon, RPF
  • Ben Cohoon, RPF
  • David Cussins, RPF
  • Eric Taft, RPF
  • Jonathan Szecsei, RPF
  • Carter Krewson, RPF
  • Hanah Rolf, RPF
  • Joaquin Quintana, RPF
  • Ara Walls, ISA Certified Arborist
  • Evan Marquez